To Schedule a Job
If you selected Submit Later when submitting a tool path, the Job Manager assigns the status waiting to the job and holds it in the queue until you specify its start time. You can do it immediately or at a later time. You can also use the same procedure to change the start time of any job in the Job Manager that has the waiting status, whether because it is scheduled for a later time or because the server process is busy.
If the job is scheduled for later (when the job status reads waiting), you can change its start time using the text box in the upper-right corner of the NC Job Manager dialog box, next to the clock.
1. Select the job in the NC Job Manager dialog box.
2. Type the start time (hh:mm, in 24-hour format) in the text box in the upper-right corner, next to the clock. The clock shows the current system time. If you click the arrow next to the text box, a list opens with the starting times in 30-minute increments and two additional options:
As soon as possible—Start the remote computation as soon as possible.
Hold—Keep the job in the queue until it is scheduled or deleted.
Select the desired starting time option from the list.
3. Press RETURN. The new starting time appears in the Schedule column of the job list. If you choose Hold, the Schedule column displays a dash (-). If you choose As soon as possible, and a server process is available, the job status changes to submitted, and you can no longer reschedule it.