About the Job Manager
Tool path computation, particularly where step over is small and tolerances tight, can take a significant amount of time. The Job Manager enables you to compute the tool path for an NC sequence out-of-process, whether remotely or on the same machine, while you continue working on other NC sequences, or other Creo models. To enable the Job Manager, set the nc_jobman_visible configuration option to yes.
You also have to set the BNFS_START environment variable to point to the location of the executable file bnfsd.exe. To do this, type:
setenv BNFS_START <creo>/<machine_type>/nms/bnfsd.exe
<creo>—The Creo Parametric installation loadpoint.
<machine_type>—Your machine type, such as sun4_solaris or i486_nt.
When you submit a tool path to Job Manager, it:
Accepts the job from the active session
Queues it if the server process is busy
Passes it to the server process for computation
Reports when the computation is complete
When the tool path computation is successfully completed, verify it by using the Play Path command on the shortcut menu of the step in the Model Tree. This incorporates the computed tool path into the manufacturing model's .tph file.
You can also specify that a tool path is calculated at a later time. The Job Manager holds the job in the queue until the specified time, then submits it to the remote host for computation.
While a job is in the queue, you can:
Abort the remote computation by clicking the Abort button in the NC Job Manager dialog box. You can do this only while the tool path is actually being computed on the remote machine (when the job status reads started). If you abort the tool path computation, the job status changes to failed.
Delete the job from the queue (regardless of its status) by clicking Delete in the NC Job Manager dialog box.
If the job is scheduled for later (when the job status reads waiting), you can change its start time using the text box in the upper-right corner of the NC Job Manager dialog box, next to the clock.
Throughout the process, the Job Manager reports on the status of all the jobs under its programmatic control. The color of the Job Manager icon on the top toolbar provides you with visual information on the collective status of the jobs. If you open the NC Job Manager dialog box, it contains information about the current status of each job.
Job Manager is associated with the Creo Parametric session that started it. If you terminate your Creo Parametric session before the job computation is complete, the job is deleted.