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To Create or Modify a Clip Plane
1. Click Clip Plane.
2. Click Move Plane and select a datum plane from the list. If a datum plane with the required orientation does not exist, you can create it using Make Datum prior to selecting this option.
3. An arrow appears showing the direction of the clip. Select the direction using Flip and Okay options. The side where the arrow points will be erased.
4. The DIS/CONT menu opens with two options:
Discrete—Allows you to enter values from the keyboard. Valid range is defined by the part outline. As you enter a value, the model is repainted according to the new clip position. When satisfied, press ENTER without entering a value.
Continuous—A single thermometer-type scale appears with the current position of the Clip plane designated by 0. The scale range is defined by the part outline. You can move the Clip plane parallel to itself by selecting on the scale using the left mouse button. As you do it, the image is repainted to reflect the new clip location. When satisfied, select in the top box of the scale.