Clip Planes
The Clip Plane option allows you to create or select a datum plane to cut through the operation area. Only the portion of the model behind the Clip plane will be shown, which opens up the model for inside inspection of the cutting process. The Clip planes can be moved parallel to themselves within the limits of the model boundaries.
The following options are available:
Make Datum—Create a new datum plane to be used for clipping. However, this plane will not be used until you select it explicitly under Move Plane.
Move Plane—Allows you to create a new clipping or modify an existing one by moving the Clip plane parallel to itself.
Delete Clip—Allows you to remove a previously specified clipping.
Del All Clips—Allows you to remove all clippings from the model.
When moving a Clip plane, be aware of the following:
The Clip plane must stay within the workpiece boundaries. Thus the values appearing at the opposite ends of the scale for Continuous or as the valid range for Discrete represent the distance from the initial plane position to the two opposite sides of the part (in the direction normal to the clipping plane).
When you move a Clip plane, the actual datum plane used for the clip is not affected. It will appear in its original location after the NC Check process is finished.