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About Material Removal Simulation
Material Removal Simulation is a dynamic simulation of material removal on the computer screen. It allows you to view a step-by-step simulation of material removal as the tool is cutting the workpiece.
Do not confuse the automatic material removal feature with the Material Removal Simulation process:
Material Removal
Material Removal Simulation
Permanently removes material from the workpiece; creates a new feature.
Simulates material removal for display purposes only; does not create geometry.
Is based on a set of assumptions and may produce simplified representation of material removal, depending on the NC sequence type.
Always takes into account the actual tool path and shape.
Material Removal Simulation can be performed:
At the time of creating an NC sequence (from the PLAY PATH menu) to check the current tool path.
On the Manufacturing tab when you click the arrow next to Play Path and select Material Removal Simulation after the NC sequence or operation is created. You are prompted for a CL file name. At this point, you can either select an existing file, or create a new one.
On the Model Tree, when you right-click the NC sequence or operation and select NC Check from the shortcut menu.
When editing CL data.
You can control which NC Check simulation module to use by setting the configuration option nccheck_type. The values are:
ModeuleWorks* (default)—Use an integrated simulation environment on the Material Removal tab.
external—Use an external tool.
When you create stock models to visualize the results of machining passes or toolpaths. The Stock Model option is available at the following locations:
On the right-click menu of any valid NC sequence in the model tree.
When you click the arrow next toManufacturing Geometry on the Manufacturing tab.