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To Compare the Offsets of Stock to Target Part
1. Click the Compare sub-tab. The stock and target part are displayed in unique colors.
2. In the Offset to target part box, specify an offset for the stock from the target part.
3. Click the Compare command to analyze the impact of the specified offset. You can specify colors for the offset ranges for better analysis.
4. On the Compare sub-tab, in the Cross Section box, select one of the following pre-defined cross-sections to create a cross-sectional view of the specified offsets—
Positive X
Positive Y
Positive Z
Negative X
Negative Y
Negative Z
Select Custom and type values in X, Y, and Z boxes to create a customized cross-section to compare the offsets. You can select None to remove the cross-sections.
The Sectionsub-tab helps you to create cross-sectional views without comparing the offsets. You can select any pre-defined cross-section or create a customized cross-section.