To Sort Steps by Extraction Priority
When you extract manufacturing annotations from the reference model, the initial order of the steps is based on the order of the annotation features in the Model Tree. However, you can reorder steps before extraction by sorting them in the extraction view. You can sort steps using various criteria. This procedure shows you how to reorder steps based on extraction priority. You can specify the extraction priority for a step when defining the manufacturing template.
1. Click on the toolbar. The Mfg Template AE extraction dialog box opens. Click . The Process View Builder dialog box opens.
2. Click Sort Setup.
3. In the Not Sorted box, select Special Parameters from the Group list, select Extraction Priority and click >> to move the selected special parameter to the Sorted box.
4. Click theAscending or Descending to specify the sorting order.
5. If required, repeat steps 3 and 4 to add a secondary sorting parameter. In this case, the steps with the same extraction priority are sorted by the secondary parameter value.
6. Click OK. The steps in the lower portion of the Mfg Template AE extraction dialog box are reordered according to the sorting rules that you have specified.
7. Click Extract. The steps are extracted to the process table.
After extraction, if you move a step within the process table, the extraction priority for that step may no longer hold true. In such cases, a red arrow in the extraction priority field indicates that the step has not followed the extraction priority. The direction of the arrow indicates the direction in which the step must move to be in accordance with the set extraction priority. For example, if a step has an arrow pointing upwards, it indicates that the step must move upwards in the process table to adhere to the extraction priority.