To Build a Custom View
The View Builder functionality lets you define custom views of the Process Table by selecting process elements and parameters to be displayed and specifying the column layout, sorting the columns, and setting up filters. When working with View Builder, you can create and modify views only in the current view category (Process, Steps, or Resources).
1. Switch to the desired view category and click . The Process View Builder dialog box opens.
2. To define a new view, click and type the view name in the View Name box. To modify an existing view, select its name from the View Name drop-down list.
3. Select a group name from the Group drop-down list. The appropriate parameter names are listed in the Not Displayed box below.
4. Select a parameter name and click >>to move it to the Displayed box. If the parameter list is long, you can start typing the parameter name in the Name box below to quickly scroll to the desired location.
5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 as necessary to add other columns to the table.
6. To reorder the columns, use the Up and Down arrows below the Displayed box.
7. To modify column width, specify the desired number of characters in the Width box.
8. Use the Anchored Columns box to specify the number of columns that always stay displayed as you scroll the table.
9. To remove a column from display, select its name in the Displayed box and click <<.
10. If you are in the Steps or Resources views, the above steps are a part of the Columns Setup tab. Two additional tabs are available in the Steps and Resources views:
Sort Setup—Use exactly like the Column Setup to select the columns for sorting. Click Ascending or Descending to specify the sort order.
Filter Setup—Set up filters to customize the current view.
1. Select a group name from the Group box. The appropriate parameter names are listed in the box below.
2. Select a parameter to see its possible values in the Values box.
3. Select an operational parameter from the list adjacent to the Name box.
4. Complete the condition by specifying a value for the parameter in the adjacent box.
5. Click Add. The condition is displayed in the display box.
6. Click OR or AND to create combinations of conditions. Click Add after each condition.
7. To change a condition, select it in the display box, update it using the Group and Name boxes, and click Change.
8. To remove a condition, select it in the display box and click Remove.
9. Click the Expanded Query View check box to view and edit complex queries.
11. To save the view setup for use in other models, click . To delete a saved view, click .
12. Click Apply if you want to see the result of your changes in the Process Table and continue working in View Builder. Applying the changes does not save them.
13. When finished, click OK to return to the Process Table. The system prompts you to save the changes. Click Yes to save the view in the manufacturing model. If you do not want to save the view, click Cancel in the Process View Builder dialog box and No in the Confirm View Update dialog box.