To Reorder Steps
Use the Cut and Paste functionality to change the order of the steps in the process. You must be in the Process view ().
1. Select the step or steps that you want to reorder. To select multiple steps, use the SHIFT or CTRL keys while selecting the steps.
The steps need not be consecutive. However, the reordered steps are arranged consecutively.
2. In the Process Table menu bar, click Edit > Cut. Creo NC removes the selected step from the Process Table and places it on the Clipboard. The limits of its possible insertion in the Process Table (the top and bottom lines) are highlighted in red. If there is no lower limit, you can append the step at the end of the table, as well as insert it anywhere below the top limit line.
3. Highlight the line after which you want to insert the selected step and click Edit > Paste. This line must be within the insertion limits, and can represent another step, an operation, or a fixture. Creo NC inserts the step from the Clipboard at the new location, below the selected line.
You can also use a drag-and-drop operation to reorder steps. Select either a single step or multiple steps.
If you were planning to reorder the step to a location outside the insertion limits, you can click Edit > Undo Cut to restore the steps in the original location in the Process Table.
4. To restore the steps to the previous location in the Process Table, click Edit > Undo Cut.