Reordering and Duplicating Steps
You can reorder and duplicate steps in the Process Table:
Use Cut () and Paste () or a drag-and-drop operation to reorder steps.
Use Copy () and Paste () to duplicate steps.
For Cut or Copy, you can select either a single step, or multiple consecutive steps.
After you cut or copy a step, its limits of insertion are highlighted in red. These limits are based on step dependencies and other requirements. The top limit represents the first line after which you can insert the step. The lower limit, if it exists, represents the first line that must come after the step in the process sequence. The last line you can select for insertion is the line immediately above the lower limit.
After cutting a step, you can insert it back in the original location by using the Edit > Undo Cut command.
These kinds of step manipulations are available only in the Process view.
If you reorder a merge group or a Gang Tool group, all steps included in the group are reordered. You cannot select steps within a merge group or Gang Tool group, other than the group step.
Creo NC does not consider the compatibility of steps with workcells or operations while reordering. Creo NC checks whether any rules (priority and prerequisites) are broken.