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To Include or Exclude Components for Collision Checking
You can choose to check collision between selected components in the assembly.
1. Click Tools > Assembly Settings > Collision Detection Settings on the Creo Parametric main window. This option is available only when displaying tool motion with collision checking enabled.
2. The Collision Detection Settings dialog box opens.
3. Select No Collision Detection to disable collision detection.
4. Select Global Collision Detection to include all components in the assembly for collision detection.
5. Select Partial Collision Detection to include or exclude components for collision detection by turning the following options on or off:
Include Quilts—Models where the material side is not defined.
Include Tool—The tool and the tool holder.
Include Ref Model—Reference model.
Include Fixture Model—Fixtures used to position the work piece.
Include Machine Model—The machine assembly.
6. Select Sound Warning on Collision to beep when collision occurs.
7. Select Stop Animation Playback on Collision to stop playing tool motion when a collision occurs.