Collision Checking Options
When displaying tool path using a shaded tool with the Display Style environment set to Shading, the following options on the View menu allow you to check if the tool collides with any component in the assembly other than the workpiece:
Collision Checking—If selected, highlights the colliding volume in red color when collision occurs.
Stop at Collision—If selected, stops simulation when collision occurs. This option is available only if you have selected the Collision Checking option.
To display collision status in the Process Mgr, add the Collision Status column from the Mfg Info Parameters group. Collision status of a step can be:
YES—Collision occurs when playing tool motion for the step.
NO—Collision does not occur when playing tool motion for the step.
Empty if collision checking is not performed on the step. Collision status of a step calculated only when you play tool motion for that step.