To Compute the Step Time
You can compute machining time and machining distance for a step, or machining time for an operation only if the step or operation is completely defined. To view the results of machining time computation, make sure to include the appropriate columns in your table view.
1. Make sure the Machining time column is included in your Process or Steps table view. If not, go to the View Builder, select Mfg Info Parameters from the Group drop-down list, then select Machining time and click >> to move it to the Displayed box. You can also add the Machining Distance parameter, if desired. Click OK.
2. Select the step or the operation line in the Process Table.
3. Click on the bottom toolbar. Creo NC calculates the machining time and machining distance for the step, or the machining time for the operation and displays the values in the appropriate cells in the Process Table.
Creo NC also calculates the machining time when you click and play the tool path.
Creo NC considers the connection time between steps to calculate the machining time for an operation. The tool change time and the rapid feed rate are also taken into account in the calculation for steps and operations. Use the Machine Tool Setup dialog box to specify the tool change time and the rapid feed rate.