Rules for Editing the Process Table Data
You can edit the data exported from the process table by using Microsoft Excel or any other CSV file editing tools. The rules for editing the CSV file are as follows:
Do not edit the first row as it contains the process table column headings.
Do not edit the first column as it identifies the steps and will later be used for synchronization.
To reorder steps, copy the entire row and paste it at the required position.
To delete a step, select the entire row including the step ID and delete it.
You can modify step parameters such as the cut feed, spindle speed, step name, comments, setup time, and actual machining time. All other modifications are ignored during synchronization. For example, if you change the tool for a step, Creo NC ignores this change during synchronization.
Steps that are locked in the process table are not synchronized.
To delete the leader step of a group, select and delete the row. While synchronizing, Creo NC deletes the leader step and expands the group.
In case of a same behavior group, the modifications made to the leader step are not propagated to the children steps immediately; this is done during process table synchronization. Modifications made to the children steps in the process table are ignored during synchronization.