About Exporting Process Table Data to a CSV File
You can export data from the process table and save the output in a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file.
The exported CSV file contains all information displayed in the current view of the process table. In addition to the process table data, the CSV file also contains the following columns:
Step ID—Displays the unique ID for each step.
LEADER_RANK—Specifies if the step is a first-level or second-level group leader, by displaying 1 or 2, respectively. This column is blank if the step is not a group leader.
Group Level 1—Displays the name of the first-level group leader of the current step.
Group Level 2—Displays the name of the second-level group leader of the current step.
These columns are the first four columns of the exported CSV file.
The CSV file contains two header rows. The first row displays the actual header name of each column. The second row displays the custom names of the columns.
You can also synchronize the CSV data with the process table data by performing the following:
Reorder the NC steps
Modify the names, NC parameters, and comments of the NC steps
Delete a step