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About Defining the Manufacturing Criteria
Manufacturing Criteria is an optional property of manufacturing annotation element. It can be used as an attribute to a group of Creo Parametric features with manufacturing annotation features that are to be machined. You must specify a manufacturing criteria name in any of the following methods:
while placing a manufacturing annotation feature in a reference model.
while placing a user defined feature (UDF) that contains a manufacturing annotation feature in a reference model.
The default name for manufacturing criteria is UNDEFINED; if you select UNDEFINED as the manufacturing criteria name the manufacturing criteria is not defined. You must select a name, other than UNDEFINED from the list of names displayed, for defining the manufacturing criteria.
This manufacturing criteria definition and usage is driven by the udf_mfg_info_setup_file configuration option that points to a file with the .xml extension. This file stores the UDF-Mfg Criteria Name mappings. Each UDF can have one or more manufacturing criteria names associated with it. When you select the UDF to be placed in a model, all the manufacturing criteria names mapped against the selected UDF name are displayed. If no manufacturing criteria names exist for the selected UDF, the default name UNDEFINED is displayed.
UDF placement for the manufacturing model is done in the Part mode. The UDF group that is created as a result of the UDF placement is used by Process Manager to organize the manufacturing processes. Different manufacturing features can use the same manufacturing criteria name while identical manufacturing features can have different manufacturing criteria names.