About View Clipping
You can perform view clipping on a model containing cross sections. You can clip models through cross sections and create drawing views from clipped views.
The following are some guidelines for view clipping:
You can define multiple cross sections. However, you can view clip a model using only one cross section at a time.
You can use a maximum of six planar boundaries to define zones to view clip them.
You cannot use cross-section view clipping and model view clipping simultaneously.
You can save the model in the view clipped state by setting the save_clipped_view configuration option to yes. On subsequent retrieval of the model, Creo Parametric sets the saved clipping state to active, and the model is displayed in the clipped state.
You need the save_clipped_view configuration option only at the time the model is saved. Retrieval of the model depends on how the model was saved; retrieval is completely independent of the configuration option.