About the Home Tab
Creo Parametric displays the Home tab in the no mode state. The buttons on Home tab allow you to manage data, customize the user interface, and work with utilities.
Data Group
New—Creates a new model.
Open—Opens an existing model.
Open Last Session—Retrieves models and the environment settings of the previous Creo Parametric session provided the value of last_session_retrieval configuration option is set to yes.
Select Working Directory—Designates an area to store your Creo Parametric files.
Settings Group
Model Display—Sets the model display using the Creo Parametric dialog box that makes it easy for you to visualize your model.
System Colors—Redefines system colors enabling you to easily identify model geometry, datums, and other important display elements.
Customize Ribbon—Customizes the ribbon from the Creo Parametric Options dialog box.
Associative Topology Bus—Automatically checks the status of the ATB-enabled models when you activate, retrieve, or update them. Also displays the ATB log file.
View Performance—Controls the level of detail at which surfaces are displayed to reduce the amount of calculation that the system performs when dynamically orienting a shaded model.
Preferences—Sets the selection behavior preferences for selectable items in the Graphics window. You can also turn preselection highlighting on or off.
Utilities Group
Play Trail File—Runs trail and training files.
Simulate Results—Displays the results of an analysis or design study. You can access Creo Simulate Results with this command either with or without opening a model in Creo Parametric.
NC Post Processor—Allows you to post-process cutter location (CL) data files that are in ASCII format to create Machine Control Data (MCD) files before any machining operation occurs.
Distributed Computing—Specifies which host machines you want to use for distributed computing.
Auxiliary Applications—Manages Creo Parametric TOOLKIT and J-Link applications.
Open System Window—Opens a system window (called a command prompt window, in Windows) directly from within Creo Parametric.