To Measure Distance
1. Click Analysis > Measure > Distance, or right-click the graphics window and choose distance from the shortcut menu. The Measure dialog box opens.
2. Select the first reference entity.
3. Hold down the CTRL key and select the second entity. The distance value between the two entities is shown in the measurement panel and in the Measure dialog box.
4. To set an option for a reference entity, select the check box in the Options column next to the entity. The following options could be available depending on the type of selected geometry:
Use as Plane—For a planar surface
Use as Axis—For a cylindrical surface
Use as Line—For a straight edge or curve
Use as Center—For a curve or edge that is shaped like an arc or a circle
5. To measure the maximum distance between the selected reference entities, select the Measure maximum distance check box in the Measure dialog box.
6. To project the distance, click the Projection collector and select a reference entity. The projected distance and actual distance are shown in the report area at the bottom of the Measure dialog box.
If you select a coordinate system in the Projection collector, then you can select a coordinate system type: Cartesian, Polar, Spherical, or Cylindrical.
7. To project the measurement onto a view plane that lies along your computer screen, click . The projected distance and the actual distance are shown. Click again to activate the Projection collector.