About the Analysis Tab
Use these commands to display information about the models and modify the options for analyzing model parameters. Options exist for
Comparing the features or geometric differences between two parts
Performing model, curve, surface, Creo Simulate, Excel, or user-defined analyses
Performing sensitivity analyses
Feasibility or optimization studies, or creating a multi-objective design study
Comparing a sheet to an existing picture and display the results in the Drawing mode
You can perform the following types of analysis on a model:
Model—Analyzes the model properties
Measure—Measures model geometry, such as lengths, angles, areas, and so on
Geometry—Analyzes surface properties and curves
These analysis tools are used in applications such as solid modeling, surface modeling, and behavioral modeling.
You can select a construction body and perform different operations on it. However, when you perform these operations on an assembly or a part, construction bodies are ignored.