Splice Handling
HMX supports assembled and inserted splices in the harness assembly.
The following are the best practices for modelling of splices so that they show up correctly in the harness manufacturing drawing:
When the splices assembled in a staggered fashion, add a location between the splices.
When the splices are assembled parallel to one another, add locations on either side of the splices as shown in the figure.
If the splices are manually inserted and not added logically, the wires may appear incomplete in the Model Tree. HMX will not process the incomplete wires. Change the electrical connector parameters from type SPLICE to type CONNECTOR and regenerate, wires will now appear complete.
A wire should not be routed through the entry ports of the splice unless an electrical connection is required.
Bundle Modelling
Bundles can be terminated on entry ports, but bundle only wire harnesses are not currently supported.