Error Messages
You must resolve any errors and then restart the flattening process. Explanations of the error messages with their resolutions follow.
Startup check could not be completed. Exiting.
The startup check could not be completed for the following reasons:
An error occurred setting the search path of the configuration option file.
An error occurred attempting to determine if an active window is open.
Ensure the search path is not located in the .sup file. If the problem persists, contact PTC Technical Support.
Components could not be included in the HMX drawing. Check HMX_log for details.
The components were not included in the HMX drawing because of the following reasons:
A wire, cable, or bundle has not been terminated on the entry port.
The logical information does not reference the connector entry ports correctly.
The component is assembled to the harness on a network location.
The component coordinate system name cannot be extracted from the location point reference. The reference designators of components that were not included in the HMX drawing are written to the message log.
Do the following and re-run HMX:
Ensure the wire, cable, or bundle ends are terminated correctly on the components.
Ensure that the logical information for entry ports of each pin on a connector is correct for the assembly.
Change assignment of the location point to a wire, cable, or bundle location point.
Ensure the coordinate system reference is available for the location point through the reference viewer.
Multiple topographies detected. Exiting
The harness part contains multiple topographies. The routing in the harness must be continuous.
Do one of the following:
Re-route the wires to generate one contiguous wire harness.
Delete all but one of the topographies.
Some components could not be placed correctly in the harness manufacturing drawing. Check HMX_Log file for details.
Some components could not be placed correctly in the harness manufacturing drawing. The IDs of the components are written to the log file.
Review the geometry placement rules and ensure they have been applied correctly.