To Create a Flange Segment
1. Click Model > Flange. The Flange tab opens.
2. Select a linear attachment edge. The selected edge is displayed in the Placement collector. An I-shaped flange segment is created by default.
3. To choose a different flange segment shape, select one from the Shape list.
4. Click Shape. The Shape tab opens.
To set the dimensions and attachment angle, use one of the following actions:
Edit the dimensions and angle using the sketch window.
Drag the handles to set the dimensions or to adjust the angle.
Click a dimension or angle value and type a new value.
To round sharp edges, click Add bends on sharp edges.
5. To flip the material thickness direction, click .
6. To set the length of each side of the flange segment, click a Flange End Location button or use the Length tab. Type a value or select a reference.
When creating an extruded flange segment, the length options, None and Symmetric are also available.
7. To add a bend to the attachment edge, click .
8. Set the value for the bend radius using one of the following actions:
Select a value from the Bend Radius list.
Drag the handles into position.
Edit the Bend Radius value.
9. Set the bend dimension location:
Click to dimension the radius from the outside surface of the segment.
Click to dimension the radius from the inside surface of the segment.
Click to dimension the radius according to the location controlled by the BOARD_RADIUS_SIDE parameter.
10. To add the segment to an offset edge, click Offset. The Offset tab opens.
11. Select Offset segment with respect to attachment edge. Select an attachment option.
12. Click Relief. The Relief tab opens. Perform the following operations
a. Click Bend Relief and select a relief type to apply to both sides of the segment. For Rectangular and Obround, type values for the depth, width, and length.
b. To define bend relief separately for each side, click Define each side separately.
c. Select a side and a relief type.
13. To set a feature specific bend allowance, click Bend Allowance.
14. Click .