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About Validating Proposed Design Changes
Creo View ECAD Validate displays the proposed design changes in the IDX file as transactions. These transactions consist of the moved, added, deleted, and modified components of the ECAD assembly and the changed board outline. You must analyze and validate these transactions before you accept or reject them and subsequently update the IDX file and the assembly database.
You can analyze selected transactions with cross-highlight and a preview of their design states from Creo View ECAD Validate to the ECAD design in Creo Parametric. The preview shows the changed objects associated with the transactions in a specific state with respect to their location in the assembly. You can preview the 3D geometry of the changed objects for each of the design states in a distinct color as follows:
The original location of the objects prior to the change are displayed in orange.
The current position and status of objects are displayed in blue.
The current location and status of objects in Creo Parametric are displayed in the Creo Parametric database color.
To preview the different design states of a part, all parts must exist in the working directory or must be accessible through a search path. If the properties or parameters of an object change, a note is attached to the relevant object as an annotation element. It is placed along an xy annotation plane, as part of the preview.
You can zoom into focus or isolate objects associated with the transaction when you cross-highlight them. You can also place a cross-hair on the objects for easy identification in the assembly design. You can include the preview states and the commands to zoom, place a cross-hair, or isolate in the cross-highlight message.
This analysis of the changed object data is useful in the context of large assemblies with numerous variations in comparison data. The IDX file maintains communication between Creo View ECAD Validate and Creo Parametric during the analysis. You can refer to Creo View ECAD Validate Online Help for more information.