About the IDX Format
The IDX (Incremental Design Exchange) format is an XML-based messaging format. It is based on the ProSTEP EDMD (ECAD Design and MCAD Design) open schema for the incremental exchange of PCB layout changes between MCAD and ECAD tools. It captures and tracks the proposed design changes initiated by the mechanical and electrical users in Creo ECAD-MCAD Collaboration. It communicates design changes between ECAD and MCAD.
The IDX file is automatically generated in the Creo Parametric working directory in the following instances:
While proposing incremental changes from Creo Parametric through the comparison of the ECAD assembly designs.
During the cross-highlight of the ECAD assembly design objects between Creo View ECAD Validate, or Creo View ECAD Compare and Creo Parametric or between two sessions of Creo Parametric.
The IDX file generated after the comparison of the ECAD assembly designs consists of the following data variations in the context of the current design:
The parametric changes of the board outline and the ECAD assembly components.
The addition, deletion, move, and modification of the following objects is supported:
Board outline
Electrical and mechanical components
Keep in and keep out areas
Some objects supported by the IDF file, such as TEXT notes, are not supported by the IDX file.
The changed design data in the IDX file are the objects for transaction and collaboration. You can validate the changed data and use the IDX file to propose design changes in a workflow across Creo Parametric and Creo View ECAD.
The IDX format also includes information about the following states of the changed objects:
The current state
The base state
The IDX format is utilized by the following tools and applications:
Creo View ECAD Compare for describing differences between two design iterations of an ECAD assembly.
Creo View ECAD Validate for proposing design changes and receiving messages when changes are proposed and reviewed.
Make sure you check the software compatibilities matrix to ensure you are using the correct software versions.