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To Move Multiple Wires Simultaneously
You can also select individual run segments as well as highway and rail end points. All segments that are selected together will translate together and retain their shape and relative position.
1. Click Edit > Transform > Translate. The SELECT dialog box opens.
2. Select runs*, run segments**, and highway or rail endpoints in the diagram.
Alternatively, click Edit > Find. Use the Search Tool dialog box to select Wire/Cable in the Look for box and click Find Now. All the wires and cables associated with the diagram are listed. Select the wires you want to move, click Apply and then OK.
3. Select multiple wires and then click OK in the SELECT dialog box. The GET VECTOR and GET POINT menus appear.
4. Define the translation vector. Click one of the following commands from the GET VECTOR menu:
Horiz—Enters an offset value along the x-axis.
Vert—Enters an offset value along the y-axis.
Ang/Length—Enters the translation vector in polar coordinates.
From-To—(default) Selects the end points of the translation vector.
5. Select the first point.
6. Use the GET POINT options to complete the move to the final destination point.
The highway segment and wires move simultaneously, and the wires at the other end of the highway are updated to attach to the new position, as if they had been moved individually.
*Runs—Wires, cable conductors, rails, and highways.
**Run Segment—A contiguous piece of a wire, cable conductor, rail, or highway that exists between any two components, connectors, cable symbols, rails, highway ends, breaks, or a combination of these. For example, a connector and a break, two breaks, or a rail and a highway end.
The way in which Diagram moves wires and highways may differ depending on the Snap to XY axes setting in the Environment dialog box, which may affect the creation of your diagram. You might have to switch the Snap to XY Axes setting on and off to achieve the required shape of the wire or highway you are moving.