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To Reroute Wires to a New Symbol
Use this procedure to replace one routed connector with another in the diagram. This process also applies to component symbols.
1. Click Insert > Connector > Single View. The DGM SYM TYPE menu appears.
2. Click Replace and select a component or connector to be replaced.
You can select a part of a parametric connector, an MVC, or a component group. In case of an MVC, only the selected view is replaced. You cannot select a through splice. You can select a butt splice, because these cannot be distinguished from other components and connectors after they are created.
3. Use the GET SYMBOL menu suboptions to identify the replacement symbol.
Diagram checks if there are any wires in the original symbol instance that do not have corresponding nodes of the same name, in the new symbol definition. Any such orphaned wires are highlighted in blue. Decide whether you want to delete them, or route them as unattached.
4. The new symbol is attached to the pointer at its origin. Click a point in the design to place it. The Electrical Parameters dialog box opens.
5. Update the parameters of the new component or connector, the REF_DES and MODEL_NAME are already filled in with values of the original.
If the original component or connector instance has two or more placed views, then the MODEL_NAME and REF_DES parameters are left blank in the dialog box.
6. Click OK in the Electrical Parameters dialog box when finished,
The old symbol and any wires that were highlighted in blue are deleted.
The new symbol is placed.
The remaining wires are rerouted to the nodes with the same name on the new symbol.
If the original symbol was the unique placed view of its component or connector, then the entire component or connector is deleted else, only one view is removed.