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To Create a Parametric Inline Connector
1. Click Insert > Connector > Inline.
2. The INLINE CONN menu appears with two options:
Select Wires—Lets you click several wires to which to attach the inline connector. The selected wires must be parallel to each other. If a wire in a cable is selected, all other wires in the cable must be selected as well. If you create an Inline connector in this manner, each selected wire splits into two wires and places the inline connector at the point where the wires are separated.
Sel Location—Lets you create an inline connector at a specified location on your drawing instead of on selected wires. This is the default option. After choosing this option, select the location for the inline connector.
3. Enter the number of visible pins for this connector. The Electrical Parameters dialog box opens, showing lines for both connectors
4. Enter the appropriate reference designator and parameter values for each connector into the dialog box and click OK. The inline connector appears in the diagram.
5. Use the EDIT CONN and CONN OPTIONS menus to complete the creation of the inline connector.
To create an inline connector from two parametric connectors of opposite gender, use the Connect option.