To Add a Parametric Connector
1. Click Insert > Connector > Parametric. The PARAM CONN menu appears.
2. Click Male or Female.
3. Click a location for the symbol in the diagram. You are prompted for the number of pins.
4. Enter the number of pins on the prompt line and press ENTER. The Electrical Parameters dialog box opens.
5. Enter appropriate parameter values into the dialog box, or use File > Read to import them from a file. The connector symbol appears in the diagram.
6. Complete the connector using the options in the EDIT CONN and CONN OPTIONS menus.
The default origin of the symbol is under pin 1. If you change the pin gap, the pin location moves, but the origin point remains at its original location.
At the prompt, you can enter up to 999 pins for the Num Vis Pins for a parametric connector.