To Add Multiple Views
1. Click Insert > Component > Multi-View or Insert > Connector > Multi-View. The Select MVC Definitions dialog box opens.
2. Select the required definition from the dialog box and click OK. You are prompted to enter a reference designator.
3. Enter a reference designator and press ENTER. The VIEW NAMES menu appears showing the unplaced views in the selected MVC.
4. Select the symbol for the view that you want to place. The GET POINT menu appears.
5. Choose the appropriate option and click to place the symbol at a required location on the diagram.
If the selected view contains one or more nodes, the DGM SYM TYPE menu appears. Use this menu to place the views in a wire or a cable.
6. Click Free. The GET POINT menu appears.
7. Place the symbol using the placement methods available on the GET POINT menu.
If you use the same symbol more than once in the MVC definition, the corresponding views in the MVC have incremented node names, for example _c1, _c2, and so on.
8. Repeat step 4 until you have placed all the required views. Middle-click to complete the task.
All views of a MVC must exist on the same layer of a drawing. However, views can exist on different sheets.