About Adding Wires
To add a wire to the design you must have at least one wire spool created in the database and selected as the active spool. If no wire spool is selected you are prompted to select one. The active spool name is displayed in the lower right corner of the sheet. Be sure it is the spool you want to use to create the wire.
You can use wires to link nodes on one sheet or across multiple sheets. Wire breaks across sheets are marked with an X. You can also end wires in space.
When you complete a wire it is assigned a unique default wire name that you can modify later if necessary. By default the wire name is displayed in the wire label. You may edit the wire label to read other properties of the wire, for example spool, color or strand type. You can also set configuration defaults to adjust the position and occurrence of the label on the wire.
Before you start it is useful to have Snap to Grid checked in the Environment dialog box and the grid set to the width between the pins on your connectors so that the pins lie on the grid.