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To Create a Wire Path
Before you start it is useful to have Snap to Grid checked in the Environment dialog box and the grid set to the width between the pins on your connectors.
1. Click Insert > Wire. If you are already working with an active wire spool, the CREATE WIRE menu appears.
If no wire spool is active you are first asked to select or create one.
2. Click Sketch Path.
3. Select a node. A red line follows the pointer. You can also select a point on a rail, or a point in space.
4. Left-click to change the direction.
Middle-click to break the wire and continue it on another sheet.
Right-click to terminate the wire at the last left click in space.
5. To complete the wire, click the destination point. Diagram gives the wire a default name (WIREnnnn) that you can modify using the Options dialog box.