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Tip: The Wire Break Symbol Setup Option
To control the display of wire break symbols, you set the diagram setup option break_point_size to the default setting.
The value assigned to break_point_size describes one side of a square that encloses the break point in drawing units. The current default value for the break point size is ~ 0.4 inches in drawing units.
Keep this value as the default value for the break point size in the diagram setup menu.
When you change the value of break_point_size, all break points in a diagram change to that size when you repaint the screen with any View command.
If you change the size of the break point, the notes associated with the breakpoint do not change.
Display of the green dot associated with the break point is controlled by the setup option that controls node radius.
If you enter a zero or a very small number for that size value, then the break points do not display.
If you enter a negative number for break_point_size, the value is automatically converted into the value DEFAULT and interpreted that way.
If break points are not displayed, any notes associated with the breakpoints still display.