Electrical Design > Cabling > Using Parameters in Cabling > To Add or Delete Parameters of the Cabling Objects
To Add or Delete Parameters of the Cabling Objects
1. Click Cabling Parameters. You can select a component in the Model Tree or graphics window, right-click, and choose Cabling Parameters. You are prompted to select a cabling component.
2. Select the component and click OK. The Electrical Parameters dialog box opens.
3. Under Display For, select appropriately to show or hide the display of parameters for different levels of the tree in the left panel. For example, for a component, pin, conductor, entry port, and so on.
4. Click View > Columns. The Model Tree Columns dialog box opens.
5. Move parameters back and forth from Not Displayed to Displayed windows as necessary.
6. If required, define a new parameter by typing the parameter name in the Name box and clicking to move it to the Displayed window. The new parameter is added to the current list with Nonexistent as the value. This means a value has never been assigned. You can change the value for a single parameter or for multiple parameters. If you click , the parameter name in the Displayed window is moved to the Not Displayed window and removed from the current list of parameters.
7. Click Apply and then OK in the Model Tree Columns dialog box.
8. Assign a value to the new parameter of any object in the Electrical Parameters dialog box.
9. To delete a parameter, select the parameter that you want to delete in the right panel of the dialog box and click Delete Parameter.
10. Click Apply and then OK.