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Adding a Parameter to a Note
The value of a parameter evaluated in your cabling assembly can be placed as a note in drawings of 3D or flat harnesses. You can attach the note to a connector, bundle, cable, or wire with or without a leader.
A parameter can be included in the note by adding &param_name:att to the note where param_name is the name of the parameter whose value you want to use in the note. The parameter value must exist before the note is created. By default, the value of the parameter that is extracted is based on the item to which the note is connected.
If you attach &name:att as a note to a cable, the name of the cable appears in the note. However, if you want a specific type of parameter to be used, add _param_type to the note, where param_type is the type of parameter you want to use. For example, you can use the name of a spool used for a wire in a note by using the note, &name:att_spool. Attaching this note to a wire shows the name of the spool that was used to create the wire instead of the name of the wire itself.