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To Add Spools from a Logical Reference
1. Do one of the following:
Click Import. The WIRELIST IMP menu appears.
Click an option to reference an XML file, a neutral wirelist file, or a Mentor Graph file. This information includes the reference designator, pin-to-pin connection information, and parameter values of connectors, pins, spools, wires, cables, and ribbons.
Click Logical Data > Ref Diagram to reference Diagramming information.
2. Click Spool. The SPOOLS menu appears.
3. Click Create > From Logical. The REF SPOOL menu appears.
4. On the REF SPOOL menu, select the spools that you want to add to the cabling file or click Select All to add all spools.
5. Click Done Sel on the REF SPOOL menu.
If you use From Logical, all spools associated with the created cables, wires, and ribbons are automatically created. The information used to create these spools is taken from the logically referenced data from which the wires were created.