Electrical Design > Cabling > Referencing Logical Data > To Import Creo Schematics Data
To Import Creo Schematics Data
1. Click Import. The WIRELIST IMP menu appears.
2. Click Creo Schematics. The REF XML menu appears.
3. Select one of the following options:
Whole XML
Choose Layers—Select this option to logically refer to specific layers.
By default, you reference the whole xml.
4. Select an xml file from the Open dialog box and click OK.
5. Click Done Sel.
In the Creo Schematics file, ensure that the parameters such as, spool_name, full_name, and term_name that are used to create feature names do not contain the following:
Begin with “-“
Characters such as !,”,£,$,%,^,&,*, ( )
However, the parameter names can contain the following characters:
An ASCII character greater than 127