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About Wires and Cables
A wire has a single conductor. Two or more wires bound together form a cable. You can import wires, cables, and spools from Diagram, an ASCII text file, the PTC neutral wire list format, the Mentor Graphics wire list format, or a Creo Schematics XML file and use a logical reference, or create them within the Cabling assembly. Use the Logical Data > Ref Diagram command to reference Diagram information directly in Cabling. Use the Import command to import the other formats. This information includes the reference designator, pin-to-pin connection information, and parameter values of connectors, pins, spools, wires, and cables. You can also autoroute wires and cables and designate connectors using logical reference.
When you create wires or cables, the wires and cables inherit only the NAME parameter and a set of default parameters from the spool that is used to create them. Later, you can specify values for additional parameters using the Electrical Parameters dialog box. You must name and define the wires or cables in the database before you route them.