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To Retrieve a Simplified Representation of an Assembly
1. Click or File > Open. The File Open dialog box opens.
2. Select an assembly.
3. Click the arrow next to Open and select Open Representation.
4. Select a representation from the list or click Define to define a new simplified representation.
When you set the regen_simp_retrieve configuration option to yes, the placement definitions can be regenerated on retrieval.
5. To evaluate rules, select the Evaluate Rules check box.
For excluded components Parent/Child information is not available. Therefore rules involving Child Of type queries for excluded components will not evaluate correctly.
6. To open a legacy user defined representation as a temporary Automatic representation, click the arrow next to Open and click Open Automatic. All components included in the original representation are retrieved in automatic representation.
7. Click Open.
If you saved a simplified representation when some of the assembly components were not in session, the system will not be able to open the assembly file.