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Retrieving Simplified Representations
You can retrieve an assembly in an existing simplified representation or create a new simplified representation on the fly with the Open Representation command in the File Open dialog box. If an assembly representation excludes all instances of a particular component, that component is not retrieved with the representation.
When you save and close an assembly with unsaved modifications in a current simplified representation, these modifications are stored in the Last Stored state. You can retrieve the assembly with these modifications when you choose Last Stored from the Open Representation list.
The regen_simp_retrieve configuration option controls the regeneration of simplified representation assemblies. When this configuration option is set to yes, simplified representation assemblies are regenerated upon retrieval and placement references are updated.
The system retrieves and regenerates only active models. Models that are missing external references because of simplified representations are not regenerated. When retrieving the Master representation of an assembly, all models are brought into session before the substitute components. Substitute components are retrieved into session only if they have existing references.