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Licensing Prerequisites
You need an updated license if you are installing a new major F000 release.
If you are upgrading to a maintenance release of an already installed version, the existing license for that stream will work. For example, a license issued for Arbortext Editor 7.1 would work with 7.1 M010.
To configure license(s) and obtain a license pack file, you need the following:
Web access and a PTC customer account with an active maintenance agreement. You can register at
Your customer login, password, and customer number for the Arbortext software you want to install.
The Host ID code unique to the computer. You can get the Host ID in any of the following ways:
the first time you run the Arbortext software, if it can’t obtain a license. A licensing dialog box will prompt for the information. Some users may not have to enter this information if their license administrator has already deployed license information to their computers.
by running cpu_id.exe from a Windows command prompt (available from the flexlm directory in the download zip file from the PTC support site).
by going to the following web page on the PTC support site for instructions:
Node-Locked License Prerequisites
For each copy of Arbortext software you plan to install, you need to:
Request a license on the PTC Support site at Have your customer login, password, customer number, and Host ID for the computer at hand.
If you are setting up a floating license server, be sure you have the Host ID and server name of the license server or servers (for a triad).
See Requesting Licenses for instructions.
Receive the license pack file containing your configured license(s). The license pack file is a text file attached to an email from PTC License Management ( Save the attached license pack file to a folder on the computer where you will install your licenses.
See Receiving Your License Pack for instructions.
Floating License Prerequisites
The following prerequisites apply if you plan to install a license server to provide floating licenses:
The floating license server must have the FlexNet license management software installed on it.
The FlexNet license management software and installer program are available in the license server download zip file from the PTC Support site. Refer to for information on downloading the license server download zip file. Choose the latest version of the download file for your system.
The license server installation instructions are located at:
Install this software on the license server. See the FLEXnet Licensing End User Guide for setup and configuration instructions. (Installing FlexNet license management software requires administrator privileges on the license server computer.)
Your Arbortext software must have a working network connection to the license server and specify the port number and server name to request licenses.
License Information