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Receiving Your License Pack
After you have finished Requesting Licenses, a license pack file will be sent to you by email from The attached license pack is a text file with a file name of the form lm_xxxxxxxx_standard.txt. The email message may contain licensing instructions for other PTC software products, depending on the content of the license pack file. Save the attached license pack file to a temporary location and note its location.
If you are using a locked license, you will be prompted to enter the license file location the first time you run Arbortext software. The information is stored in the PTC_D_LICENSE_FILE Environment Variable. It’s available from the User variables or System variables list on the Environment tab of your System Properties dialog box.
If you will be using a floating license but you are not configuring a license server, you will not be obtaining a license from PTC. You will instead enter the port number and server name the first time you run the software. See Licensing Options for Arbortext Software for information on license types.
License Information