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Requesting Licenses
Read the Licensing chapter in the PTC Customer Support Guide before you start configuring PTC Arbortext licenses. The general instructions in that chapter will prepare you for the licensing instructions that follow.
Also, be sure you’ve read Licensing Options for Arbortext Software.
On the PTC support site, the licensing web tool steps you through the process of configuring your software to your hardware. You need a web account login, your Customer Number, and your Host ID code unique to the computer. You can get the Host ID:
the first time you run the Arbortext software, if it can’t obtain a license. The Licensing Error dialog box will prompt for license source information and provide the Host ID for the system.
by running cpu_id.exe from a Windows command prompt (available from the flexlm directory in the download zip file).
by going to the following web page on the PTC Support site for instructions:
It’s possible that your system administrator has deployed the licensing information to your computer (which is stored in the PTC_D_LICENSE_FILE environment variable), and you may never be prompted for license information unless you encounter a problem. Refer to Windows Installation Alternatives for more information.
You will use the PTC License Landing Page site to configure the PTC Arbortext software licenses for your hardware.
1. Go to the Arbortext Product Licensing page at
2. Choose your Product Family from the list.
3. Choose the Version from the list. The Hardware Selection is then displayed.
4. Enter the PTC Host Id (available by following the directions at the beginning of this section). If your computer is already in the system, you can Browse for it.
Enter the name for your computer in the Host/Triad Name.
The PTC Host Id and Host/Triad Name identify one of the following:
A single computer for a node-locked license.
A single computer that will be serving floating licenses to end users.
A set of three computers (called a triad license server) that will be serving floating licenses to end users. This type of licensing provides server redundancy.
Click Continue.
5. If the Host ID is not in the PTC licensing system, you will be asked to enter an installation address and contact that will be associated with the Host ID.
6. Confirm the combination of Arbortext software and your hardware for your license. Then click Get License. You will get a call number for confirmation of the request.
7. The license transaction is processed and the license file will be emailed to you, usually within 10 minutes.
License Information