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Arbortext Architect Overview
Use Arbortext Architect to customize the Arbortext Editor authoring environment in the following ways:
Create a customized document type for authoring documents.
Create a new document-type definition (DTD) or XML Schema.
Edit or revise an existing DTD or Schema.
Create or edit a Schematron for your document type.
Customize your document type by editing the document type configuration file (.dcf) to add features such as Smart Insert and automatic tag insertion.
Customize composition for your document type by editing a composition configuration file (.ccf).
Create a FOSI to format documents for on-screen or printed output using previewing and formatting capabilities.
Edit or revise an existing FOSI.
Test a document's PDF output. Consult the Customizer's Guide for information on customizing PDF output.
In addition, you can use Arbortext Architect and the Arbortext Command Language to further develop a customized document type and:
Integrate a graphics processor for use inside Arbortext Editor.
Customize the menus with special operations or remove unused menu options.
Automatically insert tag groupings to save time when authoring
Provide customized, online tag help.
Link other software packages with Arbortext Editor using the Application Program Interface.