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Creating and Editing a Schematron
The Schematron editor is an Arbortext Architect component for creating and editing Schematron files.
To create and edit a Schematron file:
1. Open Arbortext Architect.
2. Choose File > Open.
3. Locate the directory in which the document type is saved, and click OK.
4. Once the document type is loaded, choose Edit > Schematron.
Navigate to the directory location that includes the Schematron file and select it. The document type displays in the Arbortext Architect Schematron editor window. If there is no Schematron file associated with this document type, or if you cancel from the file picker dialog box, you will be prompted to confirm if Arbortext Architect should automatically a new file from the Schematron document type template.
5. Use the Schematron editor to create or edit your Schematron file.
6. Choose File > Save to save your changes.
7. Choose File > Exit to close the Schematron editor window.