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Alias Map Editor
You can use the Alias Map Editor to create aliases for some or all of the elements, attributes, and attribute values in a DTD. For example, you can use it to create a French alias map for an English DTD, changing all the element, attribute, and attribute value names into French.
You can also use the Alias Map Editor to provide descriptions for elements and attributes. See Creating element and attribute descriptions for more information.
The Alias Map Editor opens with an empty alias file. Following are the menu options that are specific to the Alias Map Editor or work differently than they do in Arbortext Editor window.
Alias Map Editor — New and Changed Menu and Toolbar Options
Menu Option
File > New and the New toolbar button
Opens the New dialog box with the following choices:
Empty — Creates an alias map template, but does not include any DTD-specific information. Use this version if you want to create aliases for a small number of elements, attributes, and attribute values in the DTD.
Populate From DTD — Populates the alias map template with all the DTD's elements, attributes, and attribute values. Use this template if you want to create aliases for most of the elements, attributes, and attribute values in the DTD. Note that the larger the DTD, the longer it will take to populate the template.
Import From — Lets you browse to an existing alias map and creates an alias map template based on that map. Although the Alias Map Editor will allow you to import an alias map created for a different DTD, you will receive errors and warnings when you validate the alias map if it includes elements, attributes, or attribute values that are not valid for the selected DTD.
File > Open and the Open toolbar button
Opens the Open dialog box for .alias files.
File > Close
Closes the Alias Map Editor.
File > Save As
Opens the Save As dialog box for a .alias file.
File > Exit
Closes the Alias Map Editor and exits Arbortext Architect.
Tools > Validate Alias Map File
Validates the current alias map and reports any errors or warnings in an Error Messages window.
Print toolbar button
Opens the Print Edit View dialog box