Administration > Environment Variables > APTFONTSUB — Specifying Screen Font Substitution File
APTFONTSUB — Specifying Screen Font Substitution File
Specifies the search path to the screen font substitution file, When the stylesheet font specification differs from the name of the installed screen font, the substitution file maps the stylesheet font to the desired screen font.
Make a copy of the default file located in Arbortext-path\lib to use for making modifications.
If you are using a language locale, the chs, cht, jpn, and kor subdirectories of Arbortext-path\lib\locale contain locale-specific versions of this file. If you are using one of these locales, the corresponding file will be used.
If you want to make a custom file automatically available, use the Arbortext-path\custom\lib directory to load it automatically upon startup (avoiding the need to set an environment variable). If you create a custom file for a particular locale, you can put it the appropriate subdirectory of Arbortext-path\custom\lib\locale.