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Changing Character Entity Definitions
Character entities do not have to be represented in your documents as they are in Arbortext Editor. You may wish to use a character in your document as it appears in an alternate character set, rather than having the character display as it does in the Arbortext Editor default.
A good example would be if you wish to use a very small bullet in a second-level list, but the character sets available for your installation do not contain the character you need. If you identify this character in a new character set and install it on your workstation, you can then replace a character in your primary character set with the small bullet using this procedure.
Use the following steps to define the mapping between a character entity and the character that is used at your installation.
1. Make a copy of the default Arbortext-path\lib\ file to use as a template for a supplementary character entities definition file.
2. Edit this supplementary file to include your entity names.
3. Save and close the file.
To make a custom file automatically available, use the Arbortext-path\custom\lib directory to load it automatically upon startup (avoiding the need to set an environment variable). If you want to make multiple files available, refer to Settings paths for new character set files.
You can also specify the path and file name of the supplementary character entities file in the APTCHENTPATH environment variable.