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Customizing Character Sets
Character Set Support
There are two configuration files used to support character sets in Arbortext Editor. If you are adding a custom character set, you will work with both of these configuration files. The files are: — The configuration file which defines the association between a character set and a system font.
The default files are stored in the lib subdirectory of Arbortext-path. Any new character sets should be added to a customized file. — The file that specifies a character set name and a code point in that character set for each character entity in the set.
The default is stored in the lib subdirectory of Arbortext-path. When you add a character set, copy this file to another location and make changes to it.
These files work together to provide all the information you need.
Approximately 25 predefined character sets are recognized by Arbortext Editor, including ISO-8859–*, ps_symbol, and ati_tag. See the comments at the top of the file for a list of all default character sets.
If you want to make a custom or file automatically available, use the Arbortext-path\custom\lib directory to load them automatically upon startup (avoiding the need to set an environment variable). If you create a custom or file for a particular locale, you can put it the appropriate locale-name subdirectory of Arbortext-path\custom\lib\locale.
You can have more than one file, as the effect is cumulative. Refer to Setting paths for new character set files for more information.