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Setting Paths for New Character Set Files
If you are modifying any of the following files, copy them to another location before making any modifications. The following files are all located in Arbortext-path\lib:
If you want to make custom versions of these files automatically available, use the Arbortext-path\custom\lib directory to load them automatically upon startup (avoiding the need to set an environment variable). If you create a custom file for a particular locale, you can put it the appropriate locale-name subdirectory of Arbortext-path\custom\lib\locale (such as jpn for Japanese).
You can have more than one file, as Arbortext Editor searches for every occurrence of the file in its search path. To make several files readily available, you need to implement a series of custom\lib subdirectories and then set the APTCUSTOM environment variable to a path list specifying your preferred search order. Successive character entity matches override previous ones, so avoid duplication. A path list could be something like:
set APTCUSTOM=c:\custom1;d:\custom2;%D
Be sure to include %D for the default Arbortext-path\lib. Refer to APTCUSTOM environment variable for information on how to specify a path list for custom subdirectories.